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COastal Management and MOnitoring Network for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean sea

Marine litter is quickly becoming one of the main pollution sources of the Mediterranean Sea, with negative consequences for living marine organisms, marine ecosystems, human health and coastal activities, including tourism and fisheries. Combating the issue of marine litter requires a global effort at basin level through a multi-institutional and multi-stakeholder approach that tackles the different and competing environmental, economic, social, cultural and recreational drivers that can affect marine ecosystems. The COMMON project will apply the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) principles to the challenge of marine litter, improving knowledge of the phenomenon, enhancing the environmental performance of 5 pilot coastal areas in Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon, and engaging local stakeholders in marine litter management.

Impact sector: Waste and pollution, Coastal management and maritime issues

Outcome target group: Policy-makers and environmental protection agencies 15 fishermen and their organisations 35 economic operators 30 Marine Protected Areas Local communities

Implemented best practices (BPiMED): Create Cultural Cohesiveness, Focus Team Effort

Budget: $2,223,421.00
Funded: $2,001,079.00
Project coordinator:
Organization: Legambiente Onlus ( LEGAMBIENTE )
Web: https://www.legambiente.it
Address: Via Salaria 403 Rome 199 Italy
Contact Name: Marina Focarile
Email: m.focarile@legambiente.it
Phone: +39 06 69309687