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Nature Based Solutions for Domestic Water Reuse in Mediterranean Countries

In Mediterranean countries, domestic water use accounts for a minor part of water consumption - a much larger quantity is used for irrigation - but it requires the best quality and its demand is continuously growing, along with improving lifestyle and increasing urban population. Moreover, urban water is still the main cause of pollution of rivers and groundwater, even when treated before being discharged. Per capita domestic water use can be drastically reduced by using non-conventional water (NCW) resources for not potable purposes: greywater (and rainwater when available) can be reused for WC flushing and irrigation but requires the implementation of decentralised treatment systems, serving one or a few buildings. NAWAMED aims at changing the urban water management practice by mean of innovative, sustainable, and low-cost treatment technologies, applicable in a decentralised way, to replace the use of potable water with good quality of NCW.

Impact sector: Water management, Urban development

Outcome target group: Owners/managers of the 8 pilot sites 450 practitioners (e.g. engineers, architects, etc.), construction companies, university students 50 staff of local and regional authorities

Implemented best practices (BPiMED): Create Cultural Cohesiveness, Focus Team Effort

Budget: $3,253,775.00
Funded: $2,928,398.00
Project coordinator:
Organization: Province of Latina ( LATINA )
Web: http://www.comune.latina.it
Address: Via A. Costa, 1 Latina 4100 Italy
Contact Name: Fabio Zaccarelli
Email: f.zaccarelli@provincia.latina.it
Phone: 390773401317